From the age of eight until I was twenty-one, I spent part of every summer, except one, at Camp Fire camp. Until the last summer, my third as a counselor, the camp was Kern County’s Yenis Hante. A bookworm who abhorred sports, I loved being among a group of girls singing, hiking and living in a Sierra Nevada mountain forest. Camp shaped my world perspective, my love of nature and my personal habits. Camp introduced me to incense cedars, scarlet snow-flowers, pineapple-grapefruit juice and “Witchcraft.” Today I am a retired elementary school librarian. I enjoy gardening, history, botany, learning Italian, playing the flute, and of course, reading. During the last fifteen years I have begun pursuing the histories of Camp Fire Girls’ camps, starting with my own camp, Yenis Hante. On this blog, I will share some of what I have learned.

Mary Alice


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  1. I loved reading your story. Camp Caniya was my camp. I went ten years as a camper and the last two I was a CIT. I then worked for the next three summers as a counselor what I remember most is sleeping under the stars, mosquitos bites, making new friends which I am still I am still in contact with, singing around the camp fire and the taste of government canned meat. Thank you for sharing your story.


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